~~~~ Crafts for Thanksgiving ~~~~
    Turkey Mask

    We were trying to find a way to turn our kids
    into turkeys in an instant; they were working on
    a play for Thanksgiving and wanted to add an
    element of surprise without giving the
    everyone's-a-turkey-in-the-end away.
    So I came up with this simple design:

    You'll need (per mask):
    printable pattern in pdf format
    brown construction paper
     (or white and the kids can color their own)
    scrap of red construction paper
    scrap of yellow construction paper
    wooden dowel, chopstick or straw
       (or thin elastic band)
    bit of packing or scotch tape

1. Print the pattern onto a piece of paper or
cardstock. Cut out the pattern pieces (mask, gobbler,
and beak) and trace onto your construction paper.
You can also print the image directly onto colored
construction paper. Click
here for printing the brown
part of the mask only, click
here for just the red part
(gobbler), and
here for just the yellow part (beak).

2. Cut out the pattern pieces and glue the beak to the
bottom center of the mask. Then glue the red gobbler
part slightly overlapping the beak and brown paper.

We've laminated our masks at this point so we can
use them in years to come. This is optional.

3. Attach a dowel, craft stick, chopstick or straw to
the back of the mask. We've used clear packing tape
to tape a thick craft straw towards the back right side
of our turkeys. That way it can be used as a handle.
You could also punch two little holes into the sides
of the mask and run some elastic through, so it can be
worn without having to hold it up to the face.

You'll need Adobes' Acrobat Reader
to download some of these files...
Get it here: (free download)
Click to download the Turkey Mask Pattern
    3D Turkey stand-up

    This is a sweet little craft project. It's no-mess
    (YAY!) No glue needed. Our Kindergarten classes
    had great fun coloring and cutting, and so did the
    6th graders!!! Well... Mom had fun, too :) ....
    You might even be able to print this and get it
    ready for the road trip to grandma's house; just put
    the pattern, crayons and scissors in a large ziploc-
    type bag, provide the kids with a lap-tray,  and they
    can create a table-decoration for the holiday table
    (or two, or three....)

    Instructions are really simple:

    All you need is some cardstock or thick
    construction paper, crayons, markers, or
    watercolors, and scissors.
    No glue involved!!
    Oh, and the
    pattern (click here to print)
    Print out the pattern on your choice of paper.

    Then color in your bird. Lifelike, rainbow colors,
    anything goes!

    Cut out the pattern pieces along the outside lines.
    Then snip into the back of the body along both the
    dotted lines just to the T.

    The same for the bottoms of the tails, snip the
    dotted lines up to the T.

    Insert the smaller tail into the front slot on the
    turkey's back, the larger piece in the back.
    That's it!!
    You can stand the turkey upright on the table or do
    what our 1st grade class did: They punched a little
    hole into the top of the larger tail and hung them
    from the ceilings! They had turkeys in flight.

    HAVE FUN!!!
Click to print the Turkey Stand-Up Pattern

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