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You'll need Adobes' Acrobat Reader
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The templates are great if you print them directly on cardstock or
construction paper.
Then embellish them any way you want - color them or let the kids help -
great way to pass time in the summer when the weather is too hot to go out!
Or when in the winter when it's too cold or when you just want to spend
some quality time with the kids (or your inner child!)
You can also edit these patterns with your favorite graphics program and add
your own personal touch. The possibilities are sheer endless...
Please contact me with any questions you may have.
If you have a fun pattern to share let me know. You can send it to me via
email and I will add it to the site.
I'll keep on the lookout for more fun things. Keep checking in!
Trufflebox - click for a printable version in PDF format
Milkcarton - click for printable version in PDF format
PINWHEEL - click for a printable version in PDF format
simple Milkcarton... great
for little gifts or candy
- put a loved ones picture
on the side ... with
MISSING written
beneath it... what a nice
way to let someone know
you miss him/her...
Trufflebox with
heartshaped top -
great to
hide treats and
even little gifts like jewelry
The top looks like a heart
once the box is finished
remember a simple
here's a pattern
A truffle-box with a round
top can be found further
down on this page.
Card in the shape of a heart - PDF file
Square box for favors - click for pattern in PDF format
Cute little heart
shaped note-card.
So simple and yet so
Small box in the shape of
a square - no top. Great
for favors or little gifts.
This is a box with a handle and a
clever little hooking closure on the
sides. Lots of room to decorate and
yet so simple! Print two of this
pattern to make one box
Small box with a fliptop.
Makes an adorable gift-box
Sweet little creation in the
shape of a house. Could be
a dog-house, bunny-home,
who knows.
Fancy pillow-box with handle.
Quite simple to put together -
just remember to score the
Simple box which looks a
little like a cereal box.
Has a flip-top and will
keep all sorts of goodies.
Simple soap-box - not the type
used in races.
Simple and yet so creative.
Decorate and stuff this
familiar shape with something
other than fries.

Here another truffle-box.
This one with a simple
round top.
Click to download pattern in .pdf format
Simple seedpacket - so
easy to print, decorate and
put together. Share your
own flower seeds, or give
purchased seeds in a
special and personalized
Seedpackets again - these
are a smaller - 2 fit on a
regular page to print..
click for pattern in .pdf format
click for pattern in .pdf format
in a
2 per PAGE
click for
Turkey-Day or
Thanksgiving Crafts

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