Snowman Soup -
Hot Chocolate Mix

Here is a sinfully yummy mix for hot chocolate.
Having tried a few of the instant mixes (and being
disappointed by the flavor) I decided to experiment a bit.
And the result is soooooooo tasty!! One would never
guess that this recipe doesn't endanger your waistline or
your heart! No fat, sugar-free - you can finally enjoy a
hot cup of chocolate without feeling guilty!
Check further down on the page to find creative ways to
give Snowman Soup as a heartwarming gift.


1 container (25.6 oz or 11 cups) Nonfat Dry Milk
1 container (6 oz) SUGAR FREE French Vanilla Creamer
1 sm. box sugar free/fat free Jello Instant Chocolate Cherry
Pudding (simple Chocolate or Chocolate Fudge is great, too)
2 cups Splenda
1 1/2 cups cocoa quarter tsp. each of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Salt

In a large bowl mix Dry Milk, Creamer, Pudding Mix, and
Splenda with a whisk.
Sift 1 1/2 cups cocoa over the ingredients and incorporate with
whisk (please don't skip the  sifting, or you might get lumps of
cocoa in your mix). Add  a quarter tsp. each of Cinnamon,
Nutmeg, Cloves and Salt.
Keep in a large ziploc bag or a tight fitting container away from

3 to 4 heaping teaspoons per mug are all it takes to enjoy!
Snowman Soup - single serving package with poem -
There are several ways to give hot chocolate mixes and
wrap them creatively.
One way would be to find a nice christmas or snowman
themed mug (they're usually quite inexpensive at any large
discount or dollar store). Find some cellophane baggies, the
kind for treats and goodies - they're available in really nice
holiday designs - but a simple clear baggie looks great, too.
Open up the baggie and set it into the mug. Fill about 3/4
way full with hot chocolate mix. Close the baggie and tie
one or more candy canes to the top, making sure you don't
forget the "instructions" (printable tags follow below).
You can also add a few mini-marshmallows to the chocolate
mix. I'll add a photo or two as soon as I wrap up my first

Another way to give is in single serving sizes (see photos).
For this you'll need little ziploc-type baggies, size 3"x 4".
They're available in the craft section at Wal-Mart. These are
filled with about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of hot chocolate mix and
then stapled to a card. Templates for these cards follow.
Print on cardstock or heavy paper, 3 to a sheet. Cut apart
the foldovers and fold at the darkest part of the "snowflake"
design. Slip the ziploc baggie into the card and staple it
through the top part. This keeps the card folded and the
baggie in the card; you can staple twice to make sure the
baggie is secure if you will be displaying these. The bottom
of the plastic baggie might overhang the card a bit - that's
just fine (see photos).
Slip an 8-10" piece of ribbon (either satin or curling type)
through one of the staples on the poem side of the card and
tie a candy cane to your soup.
These are great to have on hand for busy delivery folks, the
mailman/lady, or a neighbor who
decided to stop by. Why not
keep a bowl or basket by the front
door during the holiday season
and be ready to pass on a warm treat.
Click for a formatted high quality .pdf version
Snowman Soup tags to attach to a mug:
These are formatted to fit a business card
template, 10 to a page. Print on card stock,
heavy paper, or business card stock. Print, cut or
tear apart and punch a little hole in the top
corner, attach to mug with ribbon or raffia.

Click for Foldover cards in .pdf format
Foldover cards for Snowman Soup:
These are the foldover cards seen in
the photos. Print on cardstock and
then cut apart.Formatted to fit a
regular 8.5"x 11" sheet.

Click for a high quality .pdf version
Click for Foldover cards in .pdf format
Hot Cream Cones
are a great way to warm a heart, too!

click to find fotos and instructions!

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